Are successful men intimidating to women

“He knew what I did for a living, because I listed it on my profile.But he made a comment about something in my field, and I responded with some information from a research paper I had just published,” she told me.While women tend to crave a relationship with passion at its core; men become more demanding in the relationship in a different way – they tend to want a smooth life free of drama.” “We tend to think that with each new generation dating a powerful woman is becoming more normal, almost as much as a woman dating a powerful man.But many men still ask themselves ‘Can a powerful and independent woman fit with my vision of what a couple should be like? ’ It’s still not 100% accepted socially – even amongst friends and family – simply because some stereotypes unfortunately still prevail.

” “If you’re a successful woman, it probably means you’ve spent your entire life setting up goals and succeeding in reaching them.“Mason likes the idea of a stereotypical girly-girl who's flirty and [sexually] easy because it makes him feel more masculine.It's an ego boost when these girls fawn over him and throw themselves at him.Still, this relatively new, not-needing-a-man reality has proven to be bittersweet: It has propelled the women's movement forward, but has taken women backward when it comes to romantic relationships.Joshua Pompey, an expert on dating, has incredible insight on this topic.