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Along with this passion, I understand that learning and staying up to date with current treatments is extremely important.I hold several certificates of EXPERTISE which includes: "Gender Responsiveness", (which means clearly understanding the emotional & physical differences in Men, Women, Boys, and Girls).“Before, going up to a woman and asking for her number was terrifying,” Bowers confides.“Now it’s not as terrifying.” Nguyen encourages Bowers like a fitness coach at a gym: “Bernie, you can do it, you can do it.” And Bowers believes it.I have been told several times that I go above and beyond then the the basic "Life Coach / Counselor".I will never give up on you, and I will do anything and everything possible to help you through whatever your goals may be.My clients feel safe while working with me, which I find is vital for successful outcomes.

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Seeing the town from a slower paced walk or ride feels more like we participated in the culture, which for me is a fuller experience.You dream of being in a healthy relationship where you feel excited, happy, and adored. But if you keep staring at the computer screen, reading article after article, you’ll continue to feel empty and disconnected from the world. But you’ve learned to disagree with kindness, in a rational manner, rather than erupting all over each other with emotions. Click here to: Schedule your 'BREAKTHROUGH TO DEEP LOVE' phone consult NOW! You want to feel connected to something, to someone.I work with people out of state so don’t be shy about calling! No matter where you live, I am here to help you with your relationship issues.