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There was a great gift shop to buy stuff at a reasonable price called Mayberry on Main.Check out their Wall of Flame (a gazillion bottles of hot sauce); the friendliness of the owners was the highlight of my visit.Visitor Tips and News About Andy Griffith TV Town of Mayberry Reports and tips from Roadside visitors and Roadside America mobile tipsters. For per car, 5 person max, you can ride in an old Galaxie 500 squad car for a tour of "Mayberry." They'll even run the siren as you pull away! Airy, the birthplace of Andy Griffith, is really just like any of hundreds of small towns throughout the South, it just happens to have been ingrained into our collective memory as "Mayberry" and they really run with it. Out in front of Wally's Service Station there are squad car tours offered.Tours will get you up close and personal with these gentle giants from December through March.Few places can compete with the nightlife that this celebrity hotspot offers, with dozens of restaurants, discos, clubs, and bars.

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Many of the women preparing for the event Tuesday evening did not know each other before arriving.Visit Cabo's bustling marina and the Puerto Paraiso Mall, which holds over 200 stores, restaurants, cinema, bowling alley, and more.Every autumn, thousands of gray whales make their annual migration to Cabo from Alaska.At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, land ends and the Gulf of California meets the Pacific.Here, blue waters, rugged cliffs, coves teeming with marine life, desert vistas, and mountains wash together in vibrant color.