Delicious rss feed not updating

Adding authentication will help Delicious better track developers and also what kinds of requests are being made.

Morning all, RSS feed has suddenly stopped updating.

According to the devpages the feed is supposed to take a ? I have a greasemonkey script that automatically bookmarks pages I leave comments on.

I'd planned to use delicious as it seemed easier but they seem to have pulled the api that would let me do this ...

Also if you could provide us with screenshot of your device's status window, that could help us determine what could be wrong.

So download Window is open all the time, that's fine.

Delicious illustrating its blog post with a GIF featuring dynamite wicks on its logo also seems to point to how the company itself views the significance of the news.Collection interval 900s = 15minutes, so every 15 minutes Windows client will try to connect to CMS for updated media/schedule etc.all the changes 'on the fly' while the layout is running.But I've always felt as though Diigo was too bloated, doing more than I needed a bookmarking service to do (and doing things that I've come to use other, better tools for -- Evernote, for example. But the real reason I refuse to use Diigo -- and I caution others against adopting it -- is that Diigo does not follow secure protocols with the transmission and storage of your username and password.As I connect my social bookmarking tool to other services (via APIs), this is unacceptable.