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In addition, the official message sent out asked us ('us' being network users) to address the issue ourselves.

There’s a big difference between getting fired and getting laid off.

If you are laid off, you get a number of benefits: 1) You are eligible for government unemployment benefits.

Hawke Vance will do whatever it takes to protect the family business, even if it means protecting it from his own father, a man who’s just gotten hitched in Vegas to wife number nine.

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‘Yogyakarta Principles’ a Milestone for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights; Experts Set Out Global Standards for Sexual Rights and Gender Equality.Whatever the case, you don’t want to get fired, nor should you quit if you don’t have to.If you are fired or quit, a number of things can happen: 1) You will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.To talk to a TLPI Board member and one of the trans health / policy experts on the Department of Health Advisory Committee that developed the recommendations, email us at .10-MAY-78 -PDT,1491;000000000001 Mail-from: SRI-KA rcvd at 5-MAY-78 1203-PDT Mail-from: SRI-KL rcvd at 5-May-78 0732-PDT Date: 1635-PDT From: Feinler at SRI-KL (Jake Feinler) Subject: MSGGROUP# 694 DEC Message To: DEC-MAIL-RECIPIENTS: Redistributed-To: [ISI]JAKE, YOU MAY HAVE RECEIVED THE MSG SENT OUT BY DEC ON MAY 1 ABOUT WHICH I HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED SEVERAL COMPLAINTS AS YOU CAN READILY IMAGINE.