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Nobody is harder on myself than me—and we’re hard on each other. He would take over my school projects and start Mac Gyvering them.We ask for more takes to be sure our scenes are awesome. He calls me almost every other day with some advice on something I should Mac Gyver. Till: He created something that’s like a Frankenstein landing helmet for jumping out of planes.While you watch trailers for other networks' shows eager to see what they're going to look like, you watch CBS' trailers reasonably sure that nearly everything they present is going to look like a CBS show and that if it doesn't look like a CBS show, chances are good it won't be back in the future.So while I've been ranking trailers this week — not to be confused with reviewing pilots or reviewing shows — on a scale of relative quality and effectiveness, there's no point in ranking CBS trailers in terms of anything other than pure CBSiness.

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Terrence “J” Jenkins is set to host “Coupled,” the new unscripted dating show on Fox.We’re trying to make it real, and I think that jumps off the screen. Eads: The only thing I Mac Gyvered growing up was attaching playing cards with a bobby pin to my bike so it sounded like a motorcycle.Speaking of the original, some fans were skeptical of the new series and even complained that Lucas was too young to play the resourceful Mac Gyver. Eads: Some people weren’t going to give us a chance from the start because they didn’t like the idea of rebooting one of their favorite shows.Eads is the last original cast member left on the show, which was cut from 22 episodes to 18 to make room for the series' spinoff, "CSI: Cyber." A rep for the actor has yet to respond to the Daily News' request for comment.r, this fall’s hot reboot of the iconic 1985–92 series that made Richard Dean Anderson a star (and gave the world a new verb for “creative tinkering”).