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We went outside and we watched as a cloud of debris and insulation from the house came down.This agreement (the "Second Life Policy") describes the terms on which Linden Research, Inc.In addition to the fatality, a UGI employee was hospitalized in critical condition, and another in stable condition, CBS News reported.A third person was also injured, the news website reported.If you do not so agree, you should decline this Second Life Policy, in which case you are prohibited from accessing or using Second Life.In the event of a conflict amongst the Agreements, the Terms of Service shall control except as expressly provided otherwise.And I was exactly the same, resisting online dating just like I resisted everything else. Not so much about looks or income, that’s all a bonus.

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Jack mocks the suggestion: '"Hey, this boy's being annoying, come arrest him." F**k you, b*tch.

It's unclear when the argument occurred or how Pop Crave obtained audio of Jack and Madison, a singer who shot to stardom after being discovered by Justin Bieber. 'Then fast forward probably like a month or two later we told each other we liked each other a lot and it was really cute!

The audio begins with Jack allegedly saying: 'Solely to p*ss you off, solely. 'Solely to p*ss you off, I'm going to stand right here and talk, and then later I'm going to tell you, because you're a f**king sl*t, you're a f**king sl*t, and I don't give two f**ks either,' he adds.'You're not my boyfriend anymore, it's fine,' Madison can allegedly be heard saying. Later in the argument, which appeared to occur in the presence of Madison's friends and outdoors, Jack recalls how his girlfriend poked fun at his music and suggests they wouldn't be arguing if it weren't for her comment.

A gas explosion at a Lancaster County, Pa., home killed a utility worker, the utility company said in a statement.

A resident of a home in Manor Township was asked to leave her home Sunday afternoon as a representative of UGI, the energy company which provides natural gas to Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, checked a reported gas odor. The home was destroyed and four other homes were damaged by debris.